Select Committees

If your business is appearing before a select committee, regulator or public body, either physically or virtually, we can help prepare your spokespeople to be effective communicators.

Select Committees are filmed by Parliament Live TV, which is available to everyone including colleagues and shareholders. What you say and do, could have a big impact on you and your organisation, depending on how well you handle it. Your appearance at a select committee may also make it to the main news bulletins, particularly if there is something newsworthy about it.

You may have volunteered written evidence for a Select Committee inquiry, and then be selected to attend in person to give oral evidence. Alternatively, once the written deadline has passed, you may be invited by a Committee to appear in person with not much notice, to share your expertise and opinion. You may also be deemed to be integral to the inquiry and summoned to give oral evidence.

The full investigation may cover several months, involving written evidence, oral evidence, and a published report. Whether you have volunteered, been invited or summoned, you need to ensure that you have done everything you can in advance, to feel confident to face the scrutiny of a Select Committee, because they can be stressful and adversarial in nature.

So if you have been requested to appear before a Select Committee, regulator or public body, it’s important that you take it seriously and invest time in being thoroughly prepared. For many witnesses, it is the ultimate in public scrutiny, and you need to be ready, both practically and psychologically.

Providing that evidence confidently and effectively is where we can help you project a positive image for you and your organisation. 

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