Download Presentation Skills BrochureOur communication skills coaching programmes will increase your confidence and ability to express yourself authentically.

Delivering a compelling and credible presentation brings huge personal and business benefits. However, many people dread speaking at a meeting with just a handful of people or at a conference in front of a large audience, so whether you would like to inform, persuade or entertain, we can help you with your presentation content and delivery.

 Download Presentation Skills Training brochure

Presentation Skills Training
Presentation Skills Training
Presentation Skills Training
Presentation Skills Training
Presentation Skills Training
Presentation Skills Training
We help clients:

  • Express with authenticity – clearly showing who you are and what you believe
  • Structure presentations which engage an audience
  • Present strong, articulate and powerful messages
  • Build audience rapport
  • Deliver confident and relaxed performances
  • Maximise the use of posture, gesture and movement to express a message
  • Use visual aids to strengthen impact without distracting from the speaker
  • Cope with the unexpected without losing authority
  • Manage interactions between the speaker and the audience, such as questions, contributors and objections

Communication Skills Coaching Options

Programmes for Teams


Working with teams to express authentic messages delivered with authority.

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‘On the Spot’ Coaching

'On the Spot' Coaching

Rehearsing your presentation, speech or conference programme for your conference and live event.

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One-to-One Coaching


Coaching that tackles the issues that individuals have about improving performance.

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Chairing and Facilitation

Chairing and Facilitation

We can provide experienced chairs, facilitators and hosts to give your event the edge.

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Why are communication skills so important?