It’s long been the habit of this blog to seize upon a big news story and dissect the PR surrounding it: Deepwater Horizon, Alton Towers, Samsung, Hotpoint, you name it, we’ve chucked in our two cents. And the latest showstopper – British Airways falling foul of a computer glitch which left thousands of travellers stranded in airports around the world. More of the same from us? Not this time – so read on.

Our approach to crisis communications – in fact, our approach to all communications – is to be ‘joined up’: you have to align your message with the reality of the situation and the action you’re going to take. Don’t say you did something you didn’t do, don’t say you will do something you won’t do, and don’t say anything that is obviously at odds with the facts as they are currently known. The story is the important thing; Marie Antoinette never did say ‘Let them eat cake’ but the story was too good not to stick, and she unfairly remains the Patron Saint of Crisis Communications. Continue reading →