As presenters and speakers, we often take the process of getting booked for granted: we are usually the last to know about a great deal of planning that has gone into an event. But long before we turn up with our presentation slides/visuals on a stick or have a chance to inspect the green room treats for brown M&Ms*(see footnote) someone has to pick us out as a suitable person to go on stage in the first place. And that person might be you. So how do you decide who is right for the job?

It’s usually quite easy to know who you don’t want, but what are the questions you should be asking before committing to booking a speaker or presenter? (For this blog, we’ll generally be using the word ‘presenter’ and ‘speaker’ interchangeably to mean anyone who is booked to appear on stage, be they conference moderator, awards host, speaker, cabaret artist or that great catch-all: ‘other’). Continue reading →