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Download Presentation Skills BrochureYou have seen what makes the headlines: from cyber security attacks, share price slumps, natural disasters and human errors to shock resignations, sackings and scandals.

Whether you are a publicly quoted company, private business or
government agency, at some point you will probably have to deal with an internal or external crisis.

In today’s 24-7 world of broadcast and social media, the way you respond to a crisis can be the difference between you either restoring your reputation quickly or facing months or even years trying to rebuild it.

 Download Crisis Media brochure

Heathrow Airport Crisis ReportNadine Dereza investigating Heathrow Airport Crisis

Crisis Media Management
Crisis Media Management
Crisis Media Management

Helping you:

  • Understand the importance of planning and being prepared for a crisis
  • Appreciate the imperative of acting swiftly
  • Master the art of thinking on your feet
  • Understand the rules of engagement with the media
  • To handle hostile interviewers
  • Turn adversity into an opportunity
  • Build relationships with journalists
  • Avoid the dangers of poor comment, no comment and ill judgment
  • Perform persuasively with conviction, poise and purpose in interviews
  • Remain in control, while not appearing arrogant

Crisis Scenarios

Tailor-made specifically for you. We research and develop crisis scenarios that reflect a realistic threat to your business, so you will learn how to react effectively to a breaking news crisis. Helping you with the vital skills needed to anticipate, plan, train and prepare for major crises as well as protect your reputation.