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March 2020: PS Programmes media trained British Library’s “Unfinished Business” Exhibition spokespeople
March 2020: Nadine Dereza & team delivering a crisis media aviation project
March 2020: PS Programmes media training National Autistic Society spokespeople for WAAW 2020

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Communicating effectively is the most important skill you can have in work and life.

Whether you’re being interviewed on TV and radio, speaking at a conference, pitching for new business, delivering a boardroom presentation, appearing before a parliamentary select committee, regulator or public body – we can help you communicate more effectively, so you can perform at your best. If you need to safeguard your reputation, we can also help you with your Crisis Communications Plan.

Our Media Director on CNBC’s IoT: Powering the Digital Economy

BBC Radio 4Our Media Director on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour…

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Practical and powerful advice from the PS Programmes team, our 5-star rated best seller Insider Secrets of Public Speaking will tell you how to express yourself with confidence and authenticity, without sacrificing your individuality, whatever the occasion and whoever you are.

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